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The following was written by James Gibbons:

Everything went well at the funeral as proper respect was shown to brother Barber. Donald Hunt gave an overview of his life. Royal Barber spoke from the viewpoint of a brother who had an extraordinary brother, as he also honored Opal. Then Paul Barber spoke of his uncle after reading the excellent "in honor" piece that you wrote about him. (I had told sister Opal about your letter last night and Donald Hunt had it).

Don Pinon had the "funeral sermon," as such, I suppose you would say, at the end. The committal was then carried out at the funeral home because of the bad weather conditions and snow on the ground. All of the services, including two hymns, lasted about one and one-half hours. Everyone was received at the church fellowship building afterwards and ate food together. People lingered, talking for a few hours.

There were people at the funeral from California, Minnesota, Vermont, and Florida among other places that I recognized.

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