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Good Memories

I have some good memories of Burton and Opal.  I was always impressed with his life.  He was always prepared.  I remember a debate that was held at the school while we were there.  Though he was always mentally prepared, he also had a type of note book he used that had all the commonly used arguments used by his opponent.  While his opponent was presenting his case, Burton was flipping to the place in this note book that had the arguments -- plus his reply -- encased in plastic folders.  I often wondered what went through the mind of the man who was presenting the arguments! 

I enjoyed his song leading skills. He would very enthusiastically throw himself into leading the songs. He did not sing, however he would "hiss" the words with much feeling. He had a clear voice that reached every part of the auditorium while speaking but it was not a good singing voice. 

He enjoyed listening to classical music, I remember visiting with him one time during a lunch time at the cafeteria at the school. I have always enjoyed listening to classical music and I remember this clearly. 

His personal appearance was always fastidiously neat.  I remember seeing him doing some carpentry work, dressed in "bib" overalls yet his hair was combed and he did his work like he did everything, carefully and with precision. 

Opal was a great Christian lady.  Burton often referred to her as his "jewel."  She was always a cheerful, encouraging lady.  I am sure she was a great encouragement to Burton. Where his demeanor was more somber, hers was bubbling.  They say opposites attract; perhaps this is why they were such a good match. What ever, they both left pleasant memories in my mind.

The many charts he used and printed are still part of my library and I have had many opportunities to use them.  I have a set enclosed in plastic for my own use, it keeps them fresh looking and "un-smudged". 

There are two things I greatly appreciate from my association with the teachers at Midwestern School of Evangelism. One is Donald Hunt's book, 52 Simple Stimulating Studies and the other is Burton's Chart Book. Teaching tools that make the teaching of the Word so much easier. Especially appreciated by a young man who was trying to support a family while working with new Christians in establishing new congregations! 

One of the most impressive things Burton did for me was a simple "Excellent," written on a class project I turned in. It was a topical study of the book of Proverbs. I did good work normally, but not too many times I could call my work extraordinary. But when a man who held himself to doing extraordinary work says it is "Excellent" it is meaningful!

Aaron Culver

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