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Free, Ready-to-Print Literature


All files require the free Adobe ® Acrobat® Reader
Available for Macintosh, Windows, DOS, Unix and OS/2.
Please report any problems in printing files.  
Action Presentation
The convincing 14 page, large print Action Presentation. This is the black and white version for those who cannot print with color.     Download.
The color version is even more powerful in presenting the truth of the gospel. Fifteen pages and large print.     Download.
Acts Crossword Puzzles - NIV
Fourteen puzzles, chapters 1-14. Answers included. Use for parties, classes and private entertainment. Makes learning fun.
    Acts 1-7
    Acts 8-14
This color folder discusses the need to be baptized as part of the salvation process.     Download.
Baptism Chart
This chart is a series of interlocking chains showing the centrality of baptism to the entire Gospel Message. It is intimately connected to the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord. The chart can be viewed online.     Download.
Baptism and the Need to Know
This folder discusses our need to know why we are baptized at the time we are doing it.     Download.
Baptism History
This folder demonstrates that baptism was originally by immersion. An available internet source is provided for every quotation. Most sources are also available from Amazon.com.     Download.
Bible Chart
This chart covers the basics of the Bible as a book. Covers items including the number of writers, who wrote, when, what languages, the focus of the Old and New Testaments, and touches on inspiration. It makes a wonderful first lesson. Print on side one, turn over and print on side two and then cut the sheet, making two charts.     Download.
Bible Is From God chart
This chart takes up where the one above leaves off. It is entirely focused on the stated authority of Scripture and the several ways that inspiration worked. Print on side one, turn over and print on side two and then cut the sheet, making two charts.     Download.
Biographies from Scripture
These presetations are on a single sheet in booklet format. Most have color, although they can be printed in black-and-white. Use any home printer.
    John the Baptist
    John Mark
    Miriam, First Lady of Exodus
Blessed Assurance Company
Instead of insurance, this folder offers Blessed Assurance. Made to look like an introduction to an insurance policy, this folder presents the term of God's policy. Simply print both sides and fold.     Download.
Chronological Chart of New Testament Times.
To understand the New Testament, we must realize it was written over a span of years. This one-page chart makes the time of events clear. How could the church have had such unity before the letters to the churches were written? There is a lesson here.     Download.
Church . . . Historically Traced.
This popular chart by the late Burton W. Barber is scanned from an 11 x 17 original printed by the author when he lived in Puerto Rico. This original is in .pdf format and the file can be downloaded and printed again in the 11 x 17 size. It can also be reduced and printed on 14" paper.
The original: Front and back.

An updated version is available in .pdf format. Page one is the chart (8 X 11) and the following pages are Barber's original notes with an update by Charles Dailey. The newer version is designed to visualize church history only and omits the emphasis on the Bookof Revelation. Updated Version.
Church in the Bible Workbook
Here are 177 class-ready questions with answers in the back and a church chart in the center. First published by Oren Knowlton and Charles Dailey more than 40 years ago. This 24 page booklet is ready to run on your printer with 14" paper.     Download side one.     Download side two.
Church chart
Titled "What the Bible Teaches About The Church," this chart has sections on the Figures, the Beginnings, the Nature, the Wording, the Members, the Task, God's Activity and the Organization of the Church. Requires 14" paper.     Download.
Concealed Carry in Church
What does the Bible say that applies to carrying licensed, concealed weapons in church? Bob Larimer lays out some facts.     Download.
Holy Spirit chart
"The Power of the Holy Spirit." A one-page, large print chart showing that each of the measures of the Spirit in Scripture were to confirm the spoken Word or our salvation.     Download.
The same chart in Spanish.     Download.
James, the Practical Book.
This is a fill-in-the-answer workbook covering the entire Book of James. It is from the Darrell Reyman Collection and is used with permission. Simply download and print.     Download.
Lord's Recall Plan
An eight panel folder showing that the early church observed the Lord's Supper each 1st day of the week. Simply download and print.     Download.
Miracles in the New Testament Books chart
This one-page chart shows the age of miracles was completed by 60 A.D. Simply download and print.     Download.
Now That I'm a Christian
This is a .pdf file converted from the original PowerPoint file. Scripture is drawn from Acts 2. It is designed for teaching from an Android phone. Permission for use granted by the designer, Jeff Foster.     Download.
Restoration Movement Lessons
1. Small American Movements.     Download.
2. The Campbells in Ireland.     Download.
3. The Campbells in America.     Download.
4. Four Great Lieutenants.     Download.
5. Stone-Campbell Connections.     Download.
Steps to Being Saved.
Its full title is "Steps to Being Saved since the Resurrection of Christ." The "thief on the cross" question is automatically handled! Arranges the steps to God under seven points. Prints two on a sheet, one side.     Download.
THANKSGIVING, a Time to Grow
Thanksgiving can change us more than just about any other Christian virtue. This four-page booklet-style presentation is ready to print, fold and present.     Download.
Tongues Presentation
This is a 12 page, large print presentation covering all cases of speaking in tongues in the New Testament. It concludes showing that the Scriptures, not tongues, were given to cause us to believe.     Download.

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