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Men who have half a dozen irons in the fire, are not the ones to go crazy. It is the man of voluntary or compelled leisure who mopes and pines and thinks himself into the mad-house or the grave. Motion is in all of nature's laws. Action is man's salvation, physical and mental . . . he only is wise who lays out his work to life's latest hours.
- - - Thomas Franklin Campbell, 1871.
Charles has written his memoirs on line.

Born and raised at Sacramento, California, he was reached through door-to-door calling and converted by Rodney Reyman at sixteen. He then attended San Jose Christian College (now William Jessup University), graduating in 1951. He also holds a Master of Arts in Religion degree from Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia and was awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Northwest College of the Bible.

Charles held ministries at Guide Rock, Nebraska; Sutter, California; Vancouver, Washington (35 years at Vancouver) and the McDowell Creek Church near Lebanon, Oregon. During this time he also taught at Northwest College of the Bible in Portland, planted a church at Yakima, Washington and has managed numerous camps and retreats. Since 2000, Charles has been Minister of Missions at the Minnehaha Church of Christ. He has returned to the eldership.

Charles and Lois (see her family) have three daughters (and son-in-laws) and eight grandchildren, ages 8 - 35. All of the households communicate by phone and E-Mail. (See below.)

Current interests are in World Missions and publishing on the Web where the current project is writing a pioneer history of the Restoration in the Northwest.

Our daughters:

Beginning on the left:

Carol invests in home realestate and lives near Tampa, Florida with her husband Bruce.

Bonnie is employed in Seattle, WA. where she lives with her husband Jim.

Joy homeschools her children. She lives, with her husband Dave, in Vancouver, WA.

If you wish to contact one of these ladies, write to us.

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