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By Wayne Cobb
Reno, Nevada

Scriptures Who was Dancing Occasion of Dancing Place of Dancing How were they Dancing and the Results
Ex. 15:19-22 Miriam & the women God has brought them safely through the Red Sea Beside the Red Sea Singing praises to God with timberals
Ex. 31:17-29 People, men Worshiping the golden calf Israelites Camp Out of Control - 3000 men died
Jud. 11:34 Jephthah's Daughter Her father had come home from war Outside her house Tambourines
Jud 21:19-23 Daughters of Shiloh who were Israelites Feast of the Lord East side of the Highway Sons of Benjamin kidnapped a wife for himself
1 Sam 18:6-9,
1 Sam 21:10-12,
1 Sam 29:5
The Women David returned from war Streets Songs of praise to David with musical instruments
1 Sam 30:1,
Amalekites Because of all the great spoil they had taken All over the land Eating, drinking and dancing
2 Sam 6:12-16 David Bringing the Ark of the Covenant back to the City of David In the Street With all his might, leaping and dancing
Job 21:7-15 Children of the Wicked None None given Rejoicing at the sound of instruments
Ps 30:11
David The Lord did not allow David's enemies to rejoice over him None given Singing praises to God with Thanksgiving
Ps 149:3 Sons of Zion God's judgment on the nations None given Praise His Name with dancing and singing to Him with instruments
Ps 150:4
Everything None given None given Praise God with instruments and dancing
Eccl 3:4 None given None given
(a time to dance)
None given None given
Song 6:13 To Companies None given None given None given
Jer 31:4,13 Virgin of Israel, the young & old men Rebuilding of Jerusalem and the Start of the Church At the dances of the merrymakers Praise of God
Lam 5:15 Israel We have sinned (they stopped dancing) None given Not applicable
Matt 11:17
Lu 7:32
Children Playing of the flute Marketplace None given
Matt 14:6
Mk 6:22
Daughter of Herodias Herod's Birthday Herod's place Pleased Herod & guests & John the Baptist lost his head
Lu 15:25 Guests of the Prodigal Son Prodigal Son was lost but now has been found The father's house Music & Dancing

Here are some questions based on the chart.

1. Did those who believed in God dance with those who did not believe in God?

2. What was usually the occasion of dancing?

3. How were those who we know were pleasing to God dancing and with what results?


4. Why do you want to dance? Are you doing it in the name of Christ?

Colossians 3:17 - And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father?

5. Why do you want to dance? Is it for the glory of God?

I Corinthians 10:31 - Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

6. Are you dancing for the sake of the gospel?

I Corinthians 9:23 - And I do all things for the sake of the gospel, that I may become a fellow-partaker of it.

7. Will you be following the pattern in the Bible, dancing and giving praise to God on instruments and in song?

8. By going to the social dance, will you give offense to anyone outside the Church or inside the church?

I Corinthians 10:32 - Give no offense either to Jews or to Greeks or to the church of God.

9. What did the people of the Bible do who wanted to please God when they danced? Will you be following their pattern when you go to the social dance. If so, describe the different acts of worship that you will do! Will the other people be worshiping God with you?

The author, Wayne Cobb, can be reached at waynecobb@juno.com.

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