Moments in the Life of Charles Dailey
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I tried my hand at selling roofing contracts. While there were some sales, it was not so lucrative that I couldn't find something better. The business card shows the details.

An important source of income during our time in Bible College was the sale of the Memory-O-Matic Filing system for preachers. For a walk down memory lane for some readers, we list the names of those who purchased this pre-computer-days system.

Ted Andrews, Les Ashford, Max Bakkee, Claire Boulton, Gene Boulton, Jim Brant, Bruce Birch, Gerald Chaffin, Orval Cissney, Jerry Clayton, Alan Crane, Gene Daley, Alton Danielson, Don DeVore, Richard Ellis, Blaine Gilbert, Orin Hardenbrook, Fred Hintz, Robert Honaker, Floyd Hopper, Leon James, Ralph Johnson, Daryl Lane, Don Layman, Ron Layton, Ed Leggit, Danny Lundell, Elston Knight, Oren Knowlton, Stanley McDaniel, Marion McKee, H. Moore, Medie Nunn, Hugh Olson, Woodrow Phillips, Zip Potter, G. Pricer, Glen Powell, Jack Regouby, Darrell Reyman, Gordon Sands, Bob Sargent, Jim Sinclair, John Sinclair, Lee Shafer, Cordie Sharpe, Don Stram, G. E. Story Jr, Lee Turner, Bob Wagner, Vernon Watkins, Elbert Womack, Mahlon Woodley and Willard Vanderford.


Photo of 1951 Graduating Class

By transferring in credits from Grant Tech, I was able to graduate in three years instead of the usual four. But not all was well among the faculty.

Don DeWelt taught that the Holy Spirit lived within the believer. Two other teachers said that the Holy Spirit was in us only to the extent that we knew the Word of God. At least two other teachers said that there was no difference and that all of the teachers were in one accord.

I was talking things over with
Brother Word on a hillside near
San Jose, California

This difference seemed to me to be symptomatic of yet deeper problems. About that time, Kentucky-born Archie Word began a night-to-night gospel meeting at the Eastside Church of Christ that met on Santa Clara Boulevard in those days. Hugh Olson was the minister.

Mr. Word made good sense to me and more than that, he got results. Men and women were turning to the Lord. Even a very elderly Jewish man accepted Jesus as the Messiah. That was a memorable event.

I asked A. Word a lot of questions about his views, but decided that he could not understand where I was coming from. His ways were sometimes crude. However, I did not turn away from what he was saying about repentance and baptism, but I looked for someone who could answer my questions. Little did I know then that I would be working with Brother Word on a daily basis in less than 10 years.

The life of Archie Word is covered in detail on this link.

Burton Barber

In a few months I met Burton Barber at the Elk Grove Gathering at the Elk Grove County Park near Sacramento and he handled my questions very well. His sermons really communicated with me, not just emotionally, but answered my Scriptural concerns as well. I have stayed on that course these five decades.

His critics called Brother Barber a legalist and a Pharisee, but I thanked the Lord for his clear thinking and presentations.

A Memorial to Burton Barber is being developed on this link.

I owe a great deal to these great men. Their critics have missed the enriching experiences that I have enjoyed with them. All have gone on to glory.

Bonnie was born in 1951. Her first six weeks were in an incubator because she was born way early. The hospital bill was high for a college student, but the Lord provided the money. I had been storing some small water softeners for about a year but the owner had abandoned them. Each unit was about the size of a fist. I sold them to a water softener company that wanted them for their sales personnel.

And the hospital got the revenue for their fine services for Bonnie. She developed normally and now lives with her husband in Seattle. She has three adult children.

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