Moments in the Life of Charles Dailey
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The years of preaching, teaching college classes and church planting had taken a noticeable toll on my strength. My diminished night vision made it necessary for Lois to take over the night driving. Hearing became a problem, too. A ringing in my ears began that continues until now. My voice began shutting off in the middle of a sentence when I was preaching.

My view has been that I will serve the Lord with what he provides for me, whether it be opportunities with people or physical abilities. That outlook has worked well for continued service for the Lord.

Denny Martin

I left active leadership at Minnehaha content in what had been accomplished. During my best years, I had trained many men for the ministry and they were out serving the Lord in this country and abroad. Several, such as Charles Crane, had gone on to graduate schools to receive their doctorates. Others, such as Denny Martin, have settled on the mission field.

It was time to move into a new phase of life. There was just such a change in the life of Paul the Apostle. He planted churches and pioneered the Way for his best years. Then following Ephesus, God used him for special occasions like preaching to the Jews at the Temple, testifying to kings and finally going to Rome with inquirers coming to him rather than him pursuing them.

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