San Jose Bible College, SJBC, San Jose Christian College, William Jessup University

On the Steps: Charles Richards, Alva Palmer, Milton Hare, Wilbur Garlick, Jack Morrison, Bob Clauson, Clair Powell, Bill Kernan, Harold Mick, space then Willie Elder.

Short Row in Center: Tom Caulley, (space) Ray Pino, Ira Cochran,space Gilbert Bigelow, Royal Barber.

Fourth Row: Douglas McQuistan, Ted Hurlbert, Wendell Inman, Gordon Thompson, Della June Schnier Brown, Dora Mae Works, Bill Seeley ,Bob West , Jim Caulley, Zena (Vail) Caulley, Harold Foreman, Kenneth Holsinger, Don Stewart, Helen Sherman Stewart, Bill Johnson, Paul Rathburn, Myrnice Bigelow, Pauline Rickard Thomas, Bob Baird, Velma Pollock Hughes, Claudia Prooyen Swope, Iona McMorrow, Noma Wood, Vivian Fender, Pauline Graham Ballenger (standing back), Frances McClure, Imogene Reyman, Harold Reyman,

Third Row: Elmer James, Foy Bryant (standing back), Alfred Scott, Claire Boulton (standing back) Pearl Pearson, Louise Cord Fields, Dorothy Angelo, Geneva (or Jean) Smith, Elva Graham, Teddi (or Teddy) Wines, Frances Sprague, Billie Sullivan, Betty Gilmer, Marian McCuiston (now Ratzlaff), Laverne Munyer, Claudine (Susie) Tomlinson Waddell, Sally Booher, Geneva Heath, Marie Napier, Evelyn Hopper,Irene Benshadler, Marie Brewer, Rolly Dunham Bigelow, Mardell Packwood Bowman, Fern Peterson Weideman, Doris Boyd, Nellie Peterson, Dorothy Gustafson, Geraldine Cosmey Turner, Lee Turner, Marshall Collver, Robert Cowdrey, Bill Whitney (standing back), Denver Gearheart.

Second Row: Walter Minkler, Gordon Pitman, Gladys Pitman, Edith Granger, Anna Fern Meyers, Dot Isbell, Pauline Grisgby Cole, Willard Vanderford, V.K. Allison, Roy Shaw, Dorothy Shaw, Audrey Isaacs, Bonnie McQuistan, Bill Jessup, Carrie Jessup, Don DeWelt, Sarah Gates, Bill Gates, Mabel Hickman, Vic Hickman

Front Row: George Parker, Joe Graciano, Helen Rice, Glenna Gregg, Jean Hansen, Thelma Florea, Eleanor Still, Evelyn Snackenberg, Virginia Vanderford, LaVerne Scott, Rosie Barletto, Rebecca LaVerne Tolbert, Gerry Brewer Tolbert, Winona Perry, George Munyer, Clarence Oxenrider, Richard Tucker, Marshall Hardenbrook, Don Smith, Stewart Baker.

The photo is from album of the late Imogene Reyman. The reconstruction team was led by Charles and Lois Dailey. Lois lived a few doors away from the Bible College. Others were Vivian Fender, Pauline Ballenger and Dick Tucker. June Brown has an original with the names listed. Charles made the final decisions based on the input of others. Our work is guaranteed to be imperfect.

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