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 Philippine College  of Ministry

 Jim and Linda Huckaba 

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Updated December 3, 2001

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Jim and Linda are teaching in the Philippines.

Why At This Time In Life?
Before we were married, we believed God had called us to be missionaries. We planned to join the Christian Missionary Fellowship team in Ethiopia. When those plans fell through, we prayed that if God needed us in mission work, the call would be clear. Twenty-seven years later that call came in a pattern we had requested.

Where Are You Working? philpine.gif - 14.7 K
We have joined the Philippine Christian Mission centered in Baguio, in the Philippines. Baguio is a city of about 200,000 about 150 miles northeast of Manila in Northern Luzon in the mountain country. Although it rains more during the rainy season, Baguio is much cooler and more comfortable than the lowlands.

What Are You Doing There?
Jim is the academic dean of Philippine College of Ministry. The school was begun in 1992 to train pastors and church workers for new churches being planted in that region. Jim is teaching Bible, theology and preaching in the college. Linda is working in the office mostly with composition, printing and assembling the college catalog, handbooks and other publications, but is also teaching classes in music and worship. Jim is continuing as adjunct professor of Old Testament and preaching in the graduate school at Manila Bible Seminary.

What is PCM?
The Philippine Christian Mission was pioneered in the mountain area of northwestern Luzon to reach Ilocano, Ifugao and Igorot people. Catholicism is not as prevalent in the mountain areas, and many are having their first exposure to Jesus Christ. Although these are Filipinos, the area is much less touched by the Gospel than other parts of the Philippines. PCM reaches out to the city of Baguio with the Philippine Couples Ministry, a family focused ministry, and the Philippine Campus Ministry centered in the University of Baguio. Philippine College of Ministry is the youngest of the PCM family. As people came to Christ and churches were planted, preachers and church workers were needed to staff the churches. It is the goal of the PCM missionaries to have the mission in the hands of Filipinos as soon as possible.

What Are Your Qualifications?
The missionaries who asked us to come seem to think that thirty years of pastoral ministry is our most qualifying attainment. But Jim does have his doctorate (and the class work finished on a second), has taught in a Christian college, a state university, and a graduate school in the Philippines, has served on boards of trustees of both an undergraduate college and graduate seminary and is acquainted with the requirements of college-level Christian education. Linda is a qualified and talented musician who has taught music to students of nearly every age. Her varied employment has given her skills in management, office, printing and public relations. Our three sons have finished college and are on their own which makes such an enterprise much less expensive for us.

Aren't You a Little Old For This?
Yes, and no. Granted, most leave for mission service while in their 20's and it is clear we are no longer in that category. But in our fifties we are in good health and financially in good condition for such an enterprise. And remember, this is an Asian culture. Age still commands respect, which means that students are more eager to listen to and consider the ideas and teaching of old people like us.

Baguio is very modern for a third world city, and although the living is not easy, homes have electricity, running water, plumbing and the like. There are doctors and modern hospitals. For many our age, the lifestyle is healthier than it would be in the states.

Why a College in Baguio?
Granted, there are colleges in Manila and Aparri, 150 miles south and north respectively. And although these colleges serve Filipinos, they are of different language and people groups. PCM allows us to train workers for specific language and people groups.

There are two other photos of the Huckabas on this link .

There is a wealth of infomation about Bagio on the Baguio City Home Page.

Would You Share in This Venture?
The teaching ministry at Philippine College of Ministry is not a salaried position. We are responsible to raise support just like any other missionaries, and are not connected to a fund-supplying denomination or mission society.

Between personal expenses (rent, groceries, utilities, clothing, entertaining, insurance and retirement) and mission expenses (communications, transportation, professional, visas, etc.) Jim and Linda need just a little over $26,000.

We also contribute $12,000 annually to School Operations which will assist with tuition, room and fees for students; the college library and other needs like equipment, improvements, support staff, building upkeep and stipends for our Filipino faculty members.

Your gift are supporting Christian higher education, students, church planting and cross cultural evangelism--a great return on your investment in Christian stewardship!

If you would like to support this ministry, we need:

blueball.gif - 0.9 KYour prayers that we will meet the teaching needs of PCM.

blueball.gif - 0.9 KYour financial support.

Write your check to the Christian Church of Hillsboro and send it to the Christian Church of Hillsboro. Write "Huckaba/Philippines" in the memo line in the lower left hand corner. You will receive a receipt each January for your tax returns. Some of our supporters have pledged a monthly amount, others an annual amount and still others make a one-time gift. We appreciate your support in any manner.

(Jim and Linda are currently on the staff of the Christian Church of Hillsboro and will remain on the church staff "on loan" to the Philippine College of Ministry.)

We would be glad to send you a packet of printed information.

E-Mail Jim and Linda Huckaba at or address us at:

Jim and Linda Huckaba
Christian Church
540 N.E. Edison
Hillsboro, Oregon 97124
And tell us where to mail the information.

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