From woman to woman:


Collected over the years
by Margaret Elliott
Guatemala, Centro America
Available in Spanish
General notes:
We are a part of the church 24 hours of the day.
There is something for everyone to do in the name of Christ.
You can work:
as a team, or
as a group.
Sometimes a change in your life can help you to reevaluate what you can do.
Look for new ways to work because of:
health changes,
a new baby,
children growing up,
being widowed,
children leaving home,
a move to a new neighborhood or town.
Use service as an opportunity to speak for Christ, giving Him the glory.
WATCH OUT! There's so much to do there's a danger of neglecting first priorities.
This list is not complete. Keep adding and sharing ideas.
Many of the ideas can be included under more than one category.

This is your God-given number one priority work in the church.
Make and keep your husband happy.
Give loving care to your children.
Do your own housework.
Cook good family meals.
Wash family clothes.
Sew family clothes and household items.
Learn to shop economically.
Garden and can.

Send cards.
Mend for someone who needs help.
Sew new clothes for a needy family.
Teach a teenager or adult to read. (Literacy Volunteers or other organizations can help you get started.)
Read stories to children who come into your home.
Write articles for women.
Write letters to grandchildren.
Write stories for children.
Translate good materials from one language to another.
Write letters to new parents in the area.
Write letters to women who live overseas.
Write letters to encourage people who live too far away to visit.
Invite singles to your home.
Hold a ladies' Bible study in your home weekly.
Tutor a young person.
Start a ladies' home prayer group.
Mail worthwhile second-hand paperbacks to shut-ins or a preacher's wife overseas.
Personally pray for others.
Be a teacher's silent helper:
cut out pictures,
make stencils or photocopies,
prepare handwork,
develop ideas.
Hold weekly children's Bible club.
Prepare meals for the needy, lonely, sick, or bereaved.
Phone to encourage someone.
Have a short Bible lesson by phone.
Counsel women or teens who visit you.
Show hospitality:
to Christians,
to neighbor's children,
to non-Christians.
Be "mother" to the latch-key kids on the block.
Have birthday parties for lonely people.
Have open-house for college students.
Baby-sit for other families:
so other women can go calling,
so a young mother can have some time for herself,
to get to know an unconverted neighbor.
Give a day's care to a handicapped or elderly person so his/her regular caretaker can have time for relaxing, shopping, etc.
Help conduct a correspondence course of the Bible.
Type bulletins, class notes, addresses, etc. for church leaders.

Take flowers to sick or shut-ins.
Visit new-comers in town.
Take clothes, etc. to needy (poor, disaster victims)
Visit church absentees.
Visit a convalescent , rest, or retirement home.
Take a young child to visit a rest or retirement home.
Take a youth group to sing for shut-ins.
Take a birthday cake to a shut-in or lonely person.
Teach Bible lessons to a woman in her home.
Hold a children's Bible club in someone else's home.
Help the poor, sick, bereaved, lonely in their home:
cook a meal,
baby-sit in the home while parents are away or
even when they are home,
help with birthdays, anniversaries,
run errands,
wash, iron, mend, sew,
clean house.
Take someone shopping who needs transportation.
Counsel women with problems.
Get involved in your child's school.
Pick up people to take them to church:
Take a Senior citizen:
out to lunch,
for a ride in the spring or fall,
to the library,
to visit their friends or family.
Take a mother to see her child in an institution or a hospital.
Visit the sick (known and unknown) in hospitals. Take:
a small gift,
a homegrown plant,
a small puzzle,
food (if allowed),
a Bible verse.
Teach someone to read in their home.
Teach a single mother how to drive.

Baby-sit for a neighbor.
Invite the children in for a story.
Teach someone to read.
Furnish dinner for a family in distress.
Start a class for handicapped children.
Visit new neighbors.
Help the lonely, sick, poor, bereaved (see ideas in other topics)
Teach the Bible to an individual.
Hold a ladies' Bible class in another home.
Have a children's Bible club on another block.
Take the gospel to neighbors in daily sidewalk conversations.
Help people with spiritual and physical problems.
Go calling with your husband or with other women.
Tutor a child or teen.
Adopt a grandchild.

Make draperies for classrooms.
Straighten the supply room.
Make a picture file for the Bible school.
Be a volunteer librarian of the church library.
Teach in a Sunshine club during the week.
Make bulletin boards.
Beautify the church grounds.
Joyfully clean the building.
Repair song books.
Have a clean-up day with the women.
Paint a classroom.
Help fold, address, and stamp the church paper.

Always be present.
Tape sermons and lessons for shut-ins or church library.
Help a mother with young children.
Be responsible for regularly bringing people to church.
Teach, cook, counsel, etc. at camps, rallies, retreats.
Start a class for retarded or handicapped children.
Be a team-teacher.
Be a teacher's helper.
Hold a teachers' workshop.
Take the Lord's Supper to absentee women.
Encourage other women.
Counsel women.
Teach a women's class or a children's class.
Help prepare and cleanup after a church fellowship meal.
Prepare the Lord's Supper.

Distributed by the Parkville church of Christ,
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