by Jaffet Perez

We seek certified Christian teachers who are members of the Churches of Christ and Christian Churches, mature, responsible and capable of teaching daily Bible Lessons in addition to regular school subjects.

Teachers attend church services regularly, serve in the local congregation and call in the homes of students. Although the Spanish language is not necessary for teaching at P.R.C.S., nevertheless learning it would be a good goal in order to be more influential for the gospel.

Puerto Rico, though not a state, is a part of the United States. It is an island, 100 x 35 miles, with a population of approx. 3.6 million (one million living in the Metropolitan area of San Juan), located about 1000 miles S.E of Miami. The climate is subtropical with temperatures always ranging from 65 - 96 degrees. (Today's weather.) Puerto Ricans speak mostly Spanish. Many can also speak English. They send their children to P.R.C.S. to learn English as well as to get a quality education. We take advantage of the opportunity to teach them the Bible. Our goal is also to reach the families of the students.

P.R.C.S. is an accredited English-speaking school and currently has an enrollment of approximately 200 students prekinder through the 8th Grade. It is operated by members of the Churches of Christ and Christian Churches. Our purpose includes providing quality education in the English Language, daily teaching of the Bible, molding Christian character, and evangelism. We are located in a beautiful campus at the edge of metropolitan San Juan. Classes are limited to 20 students per class to maintain educational quality in a bilingual situation.

Teachers receive a salary, based according to certification, college degree and years of experience. It is not as high as that in the States, but teachers may also raise additional support from the churches they may contact and/or send them out. If you wish to serve and are qualified, Contact:

(This may be for the future, if you are still not prepared, or as we need teachers)

Katherine Rhodes, Principal

or Jaffet Perez Administrative Assistant
P.O. Box 51505; Levittown, PR 00950
Phone (809) 784-6830
(809) 261-4534 (Residence)

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