Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Maiden was 80

We’ve known Marian McCuistion since Bible College days, more than 55 years ago. She is the servant type, always helping others.

Now at 80, she has married an acquaintance of ours – Ruben Ratzlaff. He’s right at 90. He taught at San Jose Christian College for 39 years. It’s her first marriage but his third. Two earlier wives have died.

The wedding was no quickie for Marian. She had the whole show. She was a June bride, married at the Turner, Oregon Christian Church. There was the invitation list, rings, pink and white flowers, the special music, the photographer, the three-tiered cake, and white satin gown.

Evaline Hendrickson reported the wedding was sweet and beautiful and the "bride was happy as a lark."

The honeymoon is at Lincoln City on the Oregon Coast. May God grant them years of companionship and joy.

July 20 update: I asked Marian if she liked the institution of marriage and she was very positive in her answer.


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