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The following tribute was written by Jaffet Perez of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Dear Brethren,

Jaffet and Norma Perez
Jaffet and Norma
Were I in charge of all printing, I would say, "stop the presses this week, all AB Dick 360's and its companion presses - a few minutes of silence in honor of one who lived his life preaching and printing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to go out to the whole world." Then, "may the presses continue to roll with the Gospel till Jesus comes again."

I've only known Burton for about 32 years and everytime I saw him, he was reading, preaching or publishing some page (or pages) of Gospel material. I have never known Burton to say "no" to any invitation or challenge to present the Gospel in spoken or written form. I was privileged to work with him in Puerto Rico for 6 years (1981-1986); he always said, "SI" to speaking, counseling, teaching, preaching and serving - through a translator or in English. Yes he was a servant; some knew him only as a "hard preacher," yet those who spent any time with him knew him as a humble servant who gave all his time, money and energy for the cause of the gospel and for anyone who needed anything he possessed. Many were the times when he and Opal went to see and serve Christians in need. Language was not a barrier, love spoke even without full knowledge of the language. Many came to hear him preach through a translator, yet the power of the message came through even before the translation.

Burton and Opal left Puerto Rico almost 10 years ago. They are still part of us. Christians and non-Christian still ask about them and the work they are doing. I still get letters and request from many places throughout the world asking for his charts, tracts and booklets, both in English and those he helped us publish in Spanish. The work will continue, but we will miss Burton and Opal Barber and their joyous and fruitful work. We are saddened because of our loss. But we are rejoicing because Burton has gone to answer the roll call in heaven.

I will always see Burton whenever I see an AB Dick 360. He taught me printing and I have, since 1974, had my hands on the handle of an AB Dick 360. I'm looking at one right now, about 10 feet from my computer. I will miss Burton yet will rejoice in all I've learned of gospel preaching and publishing from him.

When the roll is called up yonder, we will all be there. No language barrier. Some of you will answer with a "YES". Burton will answer with some of us, "SI"!

Stop the presses - Praise God for Godly men!
Roll the Presses - Preach till Jesus comes!


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