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Comments prepared for the funeral by Charles Dailey.

While I have had only occasional contacts with Burton Barber through the years, they have been meaningful contacts.

Charles and Lois Dailey
Charles and Lois

As I graduated from Bible College, important boundaries regarding the Lord's church were indefinite for me. Brother Barber set the matters out clearly in several fine messages at the Elk Grove Gathering about 1952. He defined the boundaries and they have remained. I owe much to him for some very well thought out answers.

Then, I visited Burton and Opal in their home at Vega Baja, Puerto Rico about 1980. In his advanced years Brother Barber still had the keen mind of former years, if not the same high level of energy. His love for God and God's Word had not diminished. The focus of Burton and Opal has always been to do as much as possible in the Kingdom of God.

Lois and I cherish their model.

Charles Dailey

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