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Why Churches of Christ Now Use Instrumental Music During Christian Worship Service (about 1944)

Friendship, Courtship, Engagement, Marriage (1951)

The Christian Lady and the Use of "Make-Up" (1952)

Ten Reasons Why I Do Not Support the Program of the Disciples of Christ (1952)

Wallace-Barber Debate (1953)

The Ruin and Redemption of Man

The Holy Spirit and His Work

What Determines Acceptable Aids in Matters of Religion?

TV and the Christian (1959)

As A Man Thinketh in His Heart, So Is He...Eventually

Christ is Now Sitting Upon Davidís Throne

Is Baptism Sprinkling or Immersion?

Presenting Christ, the Lord of the Church (editor of periodical)

If I Were a Communist!

Fellowship, The Issue of Our Times (with Hunt & McMorrow)

Growing in Grace (with Hunt and McMorrow) (1953)

Revival and Evangelism (with Hunt, McMorrow & Buckles)

The Gospel Visualized (11" X 17" charts in spiral binder)

The Gospel In...

A Broken Will and a Surrender of "Self" Lead to Salvation

The Terms of Pardon Scripturally and Simply Presented

These Terms of Pardon Are...

We Are Saved...

The Divine Righteousness of Christ Versus the Self-righteousness of Man

The Savior Vs. Satan - The Christian Vs. the World - Salvation Vs. Sin

The Mortality of Manís Body - The Immortality of Manís Spirit

The Church . . . Historically Traced

Outline Analysis of Revelation

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