The Teachings of Religious Groups

Updated October 22, 1996
Relationships with our fellowmen are important, and so is our relationship with our God. To worship God in a way that pleases Him, we need to be accurate as well as feel good about it. Certainly the beliefs that we hold must not contradict what God has said through Scripture.

Here are informative links to the current statements or historic authorities of world religions that appear to us to contradict God's revelation of His will in Scripture. Alphabetically arranged, they speak for themselves from their own sites where possible.

  • Buddhism

  • Catholic Church's authoritative Baltimore Catechism claims:
    The Pope is the Head of the church.
    Baptism is by pouring water over the disciple.
    The Mass is the sacrifice of Christ again.
  • Christian Leaders - Documented with their variation from the Scriptures.

  • Environmentalism. Gaia was the ancient Greek goddess of the earth.
    Some of the extremists believe that the Earth (Gaia) is alive.
    For some, Environmentalism is their religion.
    We can understand the intensity of their fight for their cause.
    These Environmentalists see the US Congress declaring war on the earth.
    A book list giving both sides of the movement.
    For the religious emphasis, be sure to read Environmentalism! The Age of Aquarius or the Twilight of a New Dark Age? by Michael Coffman, Ph.D and published by Environmental Perspectives, Inc., 207-945-9878.
  • The Islam Page
    Islam claims to be the true religion.
    Islamic Awareness (Kuwait)

    An extensive Christian point of view.
  • JW's: See the Subliminal Occult pictures in Watchtower publications.
    Do the Jehovah Witnesses have information online? Our one source closed.
    New for 96: Associated Jehovah Witnesses for Reform.
    A composite of their beliefs as stated by others.
    Major errors in Watchtower prophecies cataloged.
    Information from former Jehovah Witnesses.
    Extensive Jehovah Witness links.
    Yahoo listing for Jehovah Witnesses.

  • Judaism opposes the Messiahship teaching of Christianity.

  • Key beliefs of the Mormon Church (LDS) are in Doctrine and Covenants.

    - The Smithsonian Institution's repudiation of the Book of Mormon.
    - Ex-Mormon Clarcela documents Mormonism very well.
    - Alexander Campbell and Sidney Rigdon were friends. After
    Mormonism evolved, Campell wrote Delusions in 1832.
    - - - The book is out of print. This is a digitized version.
  • "Some Straight Answers About the Orthodox Church" from their site.
    Be sure to read "Do you believe in the Bible" and
    "Do you have to confess your sins to a priest?"

  • Many Quakers are uncertain about basic beliefs, but agree on feelings.

  • Beliefs of the Seventh Day Adventists.
    See point 17 on the "Gift of Prophecy" and
    point 19 on the "Sabbath" (Saturday).

    Our response to the Sabbath question.
    Suggestions invited.

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