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Updated April 24, 1998
"Religious truth is imprisoned in a small number of manuscript books which confine, instead of spread, the public treasure. Let us break the seal which seals up holy things and give wings to Truth in order that she may win every soul that comes into the world by her word no longer written at great expense by hands easily palsied, but multiplied like the wind by an untiring machine." - - - Johannes Gutenberg, ca. 1455.
Now we can combine the distribution of the Net with the power of Gutenberg's machine.

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About the free Adobe Reader for .pdf files.
About the Outreach Video.

Helps for Inquirers Menu.
Internal Evidence for Inspiration of the Gospels.
Chart for teaching the basic structure of the Bible.
. . . Excellent first lesson. In .pdf format, ready to print.

The Action Prospectus for teaching baptism to believers.
. . . In .pdf format, ready to print.
How Often Did the Early Christian Observe the Lord's Supper?
Helps for Time and Money Matters Menu.
Proverbs on Communication.
Helps related to Miracles, Tongues and Healing Menu.

Workbooks for teaching
Acts of the Apostles Menu.
Colossians Menu.
1 Corinthians Menu.
Philippians Menu.

Priorities rather than Legalism.
One man's response to Promise Keepers
A Christian View of Working with Alcohol Abusers.
Dancing as described in the Bible - by Wayne Cobb.
Gambling - by Rodney Reyman, Reno, Nevada.
Suggestions for Trouble Free Baptizing.

A Defense of Using Musical Instruments During Worship
Things Women Can Do In the Church - by Margaret Elliott.
Things Women Can Do In the Church - Spanish version.
Sexual immorality.
My View of the Bible on Divorce.
Now available: Taking a Stand by Bill Paul and Victor Knowles,
         a history of conservative churches of Christ.

Documented Links to Religious Groups.

Resources at other sites:

The Preacher's Study - Keep fire in the bones by Dave Redick . . .
Mark Copland's 400 + Bible Outlines.
Expository Files by Jon Quinn and Warren Berkley.

The Myth of Natural Origins: How Science Points to Divine Creation.
Creation Science Home Page. A Top 5% location.
Answers in Genesis Home Page.
Does God Exist? - From John Clayton . . .

Fred P. Miller's books on Biblical prophecy. . .
Fred P. Miller's commentary on Isaiah.
Fred P. Miller's comparison of the Qumran Isaiah and the Masoretic text.

College Press, Chris DeWelt . . .

Liddell & Scott Lexicon on line.
Webster's Dictionary on line.

Information about the PC Study Bible.
The GRAMCORD Institute's Greek Helps.
An evaluation of Bible Windows.
An evaluation of The Word Study System.

The entire Living Oracles translation published by A. Campbell.
The New Testament, An Understandable Version, translated by Bill Paul.
For the Bible in German, Swedish, Latin, French, Spanish and Tagalog.
A Spanish translation of the Scriptures.

For the Bible in five English Versions.
For the New International READING Version.
Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit

The Ante-Nicene, Nicene, and Post-Nicene Fathers in 38 volumes.
Related Writings of the 1st Six Centuries.
The Works of Josephus.

Spurgeon's Treasury of David. (His commentary on the Psalms)

Today's Issue of the Jerusalem Post. (from Israel) . . .
The Jerusalem Mosaic - A virtual tour of Jerusalem. Remarkable.
Visit Petra via Jordan . . .
The Christian Catacombs of Rome

Documents by the Campbells, Lipscomb and others.
The Historic Cane Ridge Building.
Pictures of early Restoration Preachers.
Click on the thumbnail pictures for details.
The Works of J.W. McGarvey (Acts, Fourfold Gospels and more.)

Pro-Life Database.
Homosexual Issues. (Robert Larimer - Political)
Homosexual Issues. (Mark Copeland - Personal)

Medical Links: All Flavors.
U.S. Representative Linda Smith, Washington Third District. . .

To E-Mail Representative Smith, her address is:
The Rutherford Institute - Church and State legal issues.
. . .