Friday, June 23, 2006

Kindness Recalled After 50 Years

It happened on the coast in Warrenton, Oregon. A 15-year-old girl wanted to attend Warrenton High School, but her mother was moving. Harold and Imogene Reyman opened their home to the displaced teen. Imogene says, “Charlotte was such a pretty girl. She was quiet and so very sweet.”

Charlotte (now Bergerson) grew up, married and now writes for Warrenton’s Columbia Press. Ken Shoop spotted the reference to the Reymans in a May 2006 issue. She says, “I was kept under strict rules at Harold and Imogene’s house.” She tells how grateful she was that the Reymans were willing to make a home for her so she could go to school in Warrenton where her friends were.

Our kindness and examples may last a lifetime - and beyond.


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