Monday, January 15, 2007

Lois' Brothers Soldier On

Darrell Reyman is recovering his strength and beginning to "keep his appointed rounds." Life is returning to normal for him and he will soon take his turn on the preaching schedule with the Church at Las Vegas. John Racine has been guiding the ship.

Rodney Reyman has made progress and is at home, although with restrictions. But he's again focusing on the world around him. He called me last night about his concerns for someone else.

When we get into the stratospheric ages of 70 and above, we can expect a little bumpy air. I attended the funeral of an old fellow Saturday and noticed that I was in the first grade the year he was born.

Imogene, Harold Reyman's wife, has discovered serious health issues. She's working with her doctor today to see if there is a solution.

Since our bodies weren't designed to last forever in their present state, we expect declining health. Lois and I are staying focused on our life goals as long as we can and when declining health interferes with our projects, we'll find a project for the Lord that meshes with our ability.


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