It's easy to use What Does It Mean To Be A Christian outreach video to witness. All you do is find someone to show it to. The tape makes the presentation.

This 30-minute video tells the life-changing message of salvation in the words of ordinary Christians who have experienced first-hand the difference that Jesus makes. Church leaders from Pacific Christian College and Pepperdine University also lend their expertise to the presentation, making this professionally produced video a no-training-required outreach tool.

Preacher Lafe Culver says he carries one in his truck. Charles Dailey purchased six to have available in his car. When preacher Dave Redick showed it at church on a Sunday night, 22 people present ordered a copy for their own use.

Editor Victor Knowles of ONE BODY says, "Again I come back to the powerful testimonies of the new converts: men, women, blacks, whites, Hispanics. This, too, demonstrates the unity of the Body of Christ as it should be."

The video is produced by Kerry Decker at Ovation Graphics. To reach Ovation Graphics:
Phone: 1-800-689-2238 or 909-689-2238
Fax: 1-909-784-5918
E-Mail: Ovation Graphics: ovation909@aol.com
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