Proverbs About Communication

A Topical Study from the Book of Proverbs

by Charles Dailey

I. Our Words have Power
A. They can destroy or deliver. 11:9
B. They can be cutting or bring healing. 12:18
C. They can give life or crush the spirit. 15:4

II. The Source of Our Words is Important
A. They must be based in truth. 6:12
B. They must be not spread strife. 6:14;17:14; 20:3; 26:21
C. They must come from a thoughtful heart. 15:28; 16:23
III. We Must Develop the Ability to Listen Effectively
A. Listen to life-giving reproof. 15:31
B. Listen so we will know what the other person is saying. 18:13
C. Listen so we can learn. 18:15
D. Listen to wise counsel for wisdom. 19:20
E. Listening can make our words immortal. 21:28

IV. We are Encouraged to Think Before We Speak
A. Being slow to anger is power. 16:32
B. Thinking first keeps us from trouble. 21:23
C. Foolish comments make a fool of us. 26:4; 29:20
V. There is a correct timing to words
A. They can bring joy and delight when delivered at the right time. 15:23
B. They can be a marvelous ornament when spoken at the proper time. 25:11
VI. We can talk too much
A. Love covers, not reveals, sins. 10:12; 11:13
B. Constant talking leads to sin. 10:19
C. We can preserve our lives by guarding our words. 13:3; 21:23
D. Silence causes others to think that we have knowledge, understanding, wisdom and prudence. 17:27,28
E. An overtalker does not reveal facts, but his own feelings. 18:2
F. We should keep our distance from a gossip. 20:19
VII. The Tone and Frequency of our Words are part of Communication
A. Nagging separates friends, even mates. 17:9; 21:9
B. Give a gentle answer rather than a harsh one. 15:1
C. The Lord helps us with appropriate answers. 16:1
D. Control of the tongue is power. 25:15
VIII. Our Communications must be Truthful
A. To not tell the truth is to deceive others. 12:17
B. Posterity does not remember liars. 12:19
C. Lying is a stench to the Lord. 12:22
D. Truthfulness causes the speaker to be loved. 16:13
E. There is punishment for the liar. 19:5; 26:18,19
1. The Bible has much to say about communications.
2. The content, timing and manner of delivery are all important.

. . .