proverbs about communication

a topical study from the book of proverbs

by charles dailey

i. our words have power
a. they can destroy or deliver. 11:9
b. they can be cutting or bring healing. 12:18
c. they can give life or crush the spirit. 15:4

ii. the source of our words is important
a. they must be based in truth. 6:12
b. they must be not spread strife. 6:14;17:14; 20:3; 26:21
c. they must come from a thoughtful heart. 15:28; 16:23
iii. we must develop the ability to listen effectively
a. listen to life-giving reproof. 15:31
b. listen so we will know what the other person is saying. 18:13
c. listen so we can learn. 18:15
d. listen to wise counsel for wisdom. 19:20
e. listening can make our words immortal. 21:28

iv. we are encouraged to think before we speak
a. being slow to anger is power. 16:32
b. thinking first keeps us from trouble. 21:23
c. foolish comments make a fool of us. 26:4; 29:20
v. there is a correct timing to words
a. they can bring joy and delight when delivered at the right time. 15:23
b. they can be a marvelous ornament when spoken at the proper time. 25:11
vi. we can talk too much
a. love covers, not reveals, sins. 10:12; 11:13
b. constant talking leads to sin. 10:19
c. we can preserve our lives by guarding our words. 13:3; 21:23
d. silence causes others to think that we have knowledge, understanding, wisdom and prudence. 17:27,28
e. an overtalker does not reveal facts, but his own feelings. 18:2
f. we should keep our distance from a gossip. 20:19
vii. the tone and frequency of our words are part of communication
a. nagging separates friends, even mates. 17:9; 21:9
b. give a gentle answer rather than a harsh one. 15:1
c. the lord helps us with appropriate answers. 16:1
d. control of the tongue is power. 25:15
viii. our communications must be truthful
a. to not tell the truth is to deceive others. 12:17
b. posterity does not remember liars. 12:19
c. lying is a stench to the lord. 12:22
d. truthfulness causes the speaker to be loved. 16:13
e. there is punishment for the liar. 19:5; 26:18,19
1. the bible has much to say about communications.
2. the content, timing and manner of delivery are all important.

. . .