Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Steps are Uneven

In recent times, the massive main steps up to Herod's Temple in Jerusalem have been excavated. They are on the south side and can be seen using Google Earth. Why would builders who knew how to cut giant blocks of rock with precision make such uneven steps?

Some of the steps are wide while others are narrow. Some risers are much higher than others. One theory has it that the designers wanted the pilgrims to think about each step on their way up to the dwelling place of God. No "getting the hang of it" and then running up the stairs. Each step presented a different problem.

How symbolic of life. There is no way we can "get the hang of it" and race to the top. Each year, even each day, presents challenges that are different than we have encountered before.

It is believed that Peter preached his sermon that is recorded in Acts 2 from these steps. It could have easily handled such a large crowd that 3,000 people among them responded to the preaching. There were baptisteries within a few steps that had been built for Jewish cleansing ceremonies, so 3,000 baptisms could be done promptly.

So when the climbing gets hard, think of climbing the stairs to the Temple.


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