Saturday, November 10, 2007

The A.D. 30 Test – Part 1

The remarkable story of Jesus was told over and over again during and after his lifetime. His teachings and miracles made lively conversation. The culture was oral-based rather than text-based culture like ours because making documents was expensive. Writing materials were even used a second time to keep down costs.

So the greatest story every told was indeed told and not written for more than twenty years after the resurrection. Jesus said, “He that has hears to hear, let him hear.” We could have sung “Tell Me The Story of Jesus” and have been right on target.

The story of the risen Jesus was presented officially by the men whom Jesus had tutored during his ministry. He had promised them perfect recall in John 14. Peter and the other 11 used this treasure when they addressed multiplied thousands at Pentecost in A.D. 30.

Their written authority was the inspired men of times past and their current authority was their own experiences with Jesus, perfectly recalled. It was this verbal story about Jesus that spread around Jerusalem, Judea and out into the Roman Empire. The believers were united and the cause of Christ spread without the hindrances of internal dissension.

Harmony was a key ingredient in church life in A.D. 30. Oh, that our generation could recapture that mountaintop experience.


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