Friday, November 30, 2007

Now You See, Now You Don't!

During the mid 90's, my optometrist hurried me to an expert in macular degeneration because my eyes had gone into that condition. The expert examined extensively and then explained what he saw in great detail. Sadly, the condition cannot be reversed. Just live with the diminished eye capacity.

Many of my friends prayed that I would be able to continue seeing.

In recent years, I have asked my new optometrist about the situation and he said that he could not see any macular degeneration. I thought he may lack the skills.

Recently, in preparation for an lens implant, I visited a highly skilled surgeon who doubles as a professor at the local university. When asked, he also said that I did not have any signs of macular degeneration.

I can only conclude that the Lord reversed the condition and healed my eyes.


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