Friday, February 01, 2008

This Should Make Us Happy

Over the past two months, veteran preacher Gary Strubhar in Roseburg, Oregon has made very good progress in recovering from Parkinson’s Disease. He says this is due to diet and the prayers of the saints.

His voice is stronger all day and into the evening hours. He walks quite normally and no longer shuffles. His posture is straighter.

The tremors are almost gone and his is getting back his motor skills.

His writing is almost back to normal and is quite readable. Gary gives God the credit line.

Scriptures says to rejoice with those who rejoice. Here is a reason to be happy today.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my search for Gary Strubhar, I saw the update on Gary's condition, I'm so sorry for what has happened to Gary. I know the Lord will be glorified in what ever Gary is involved in, he is that kind of person. I pray he will continue to improve.
Dan Colburn
Temple, GA

9:45 AM  

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