Friday, May 16, 2008

A Year of Exits

A stream of friends have exited life this year, beginning with Lois’ brother Rodney Reyman in the closing days of December. Rod was honored by his many friends and even some of his critics came to his funeral. The church building was full and many spoke of the great impact that he had on them. He was tired of life and found the increasing limitations burdensome. He collected on the hope that he had taught others including this writer.

Fellow San Jose Bible College graduate Ray Weideman came to the end of life’s journey. Even in the closing months of life, he won another person to Christ in the assisted-living home. It was not possible to see Ray without a smile on his face. He lived in the present, rarely discussing the past, even though he could remember it.

Dean Grammon graduated to glory with many, many friends and relatives coming to pay final respects in Stayton, Oregon. Dean leaves behind children and grandchildren who follow the faith and love the Lord.

Church leaders came from afar for the funeral of Harold Buckles in Salem. The funeral was conducted just a few steps from the Brunk House, gathering place for Oregon’s pioneer preachers. While Harold was not a pioneer, he certainly qualified as a veteran gospel preacher. He was 98 at passing.

Tony La Fond moved on to better housing this spring. Tony was widely known among youth for directing recreation at summer camp, but also for being able to preach the Word when the need arose.

Stacy Marriott, graduate of Boise Bible College, gospel preacher and long-time elder passed from this life after a bout with cancer. The high respect for Stacy can be seen in the larger number of friends that made their way to the memorial service.

Larry Kubow died with little warning this spring. We share grandchildren. Lois had just recently fixed him one of his favorite meals and he in turn played the old hymns of the Faith so we could all sing together.

Evelyn (Smith) Coloff has been in declining health and the Lord finally took her. She loved the Lord and her family, including her daughter, Julie Barker.

Finally on our list is Dorothy Snelson. She has been praying for the Lord to take her for several years. She is a veteran member of the Minnehaha Church in Vancouver. Did we mention that she was 102?


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