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Action to be Saved
Popular theology says you can't do a thing except believe, but why are these statements in New Testament Scripture?
Acts Menu
The Book of Acts is treated lightly in many Christian Colleges. This link leads to a full-treatment menu including 36 lessons. These can be used as transparencies to project the Bible text with comments.
Alcohol Abuse
Basics of dealing with people that have an alcohol problem.
Listen to Charles Dailey's presentation on Expository Preaching.
The complete, on screen, text of THE NEW TESTAMENT: An Understandable Version by William E. Paul.
Suggestions for Trouble Free Baptizing
A Short History of Immersion by William Clapper
Basics of Christianity Menu
Find here Dave Redick's studies for inquirers and a short history of immersion, among other things.
Bible College - Northwest College of the Bible *
This off-site link leads to the full story of NCB including credit classes that you can take by using fax or the Internet.
Biblical Issues
Biblical Topics
A Christian View of Armed Warfare
22 chapters by William E. Paul. Originally published in 1969.
Studies by Charles Dailey and links to the work of others.
Contreras, Gil and Marie
Gil and Marie have been leaders in spreading the Gospel in parts of Mexico for over 40 years. Photo.
Charles Dailey's notes on 1 Corinthians 1 - 6.
Crossword Puzzles
Dailey family.
Who are we? 1998 Photo.

Charles' statement of belief.

We hold that the common dance leads many to immorality and is a violation of Scripture. Check out this article by a Christian school administrator.
There are lots of views. Here is the Biblical view we hold.
There are two articles here: Gambling by Rodney Reyman of Reno, Nevada and A Biblical Perspective on Gambling by David Brink of Portland, Oregon. The location Lottery lovers love to hate.
Here are nine - two minute talks about the joyful exercise of giving to God.
Charles and Lois hold workshops for grandparents. Here are some grandparenting links on the Internet.
Huckaba, Jim and Linda
Why are they preparing to move to the Philippines at an age when they should be planning for retirement? Photo.
Important Links
Inspiration of the four Gospels
Charles Dailey provides evidence from within the books of God's hand in the writing.
Jamacia Evangelism
Ed and Sharon Werner have been leading the way in helping two Jamaican national preachers plant churches and build existing ones. There is also a link to the history of these congregations on the island.
Ladies Menu
Includes a link to Mrs. Word's highly acclaimed Women's Studies.
We hold that using this non-Biblical word obscures the real issue - that of misplaced priorities. To characterize those differing with our priorities as legalists deepens the alienation.
We have links on many of our pages, but here are a special group by themselves.
Live-Ins -- Not
God requires that couples be legally married. He did not make alternative arrangements.
Lord's Supper
We observe it weekly, believing that is what the Lord wants. There are good Biblical and historical reasons.
Marshall, Dale and Linda
Veteran missionaries in Zimbabwe, their photo and story are here for your enjoyment.
Martin, Denny and Carrie
Mission recruits for Guatemala. They are busy raising their support in the late Spring of 1999. Please help them.
Menú Español
Here are a variety of tracts and lessons carefully check for accuracy in the use of Spanish.
Minnehaha Church of Christ *
Where Charles and Lois Dailey attend when they are not traveling.
Missions Menu
We've assembled the stories of these great people in one menu. Most include their E-Mail addresses.
Missions - Forwarding Secretaries
Nearly every missionary abroad has a rope-holding secretary in the U.S. handling their business affairs. Here is a web-page of material to help with the job.
Money Issues
A group of Stewardship talks and more.
Music - it's Biblical
Northwest College of the Bible *
Now there are three locations. Online college classes are available following this link.
La Puerta del Amor in San Salvador. Jan Aho's photo is there, too.
Oregon's Pioneer Churches*
Savor Oregon's past. The evangelism was compelling.
Outreach Video
Producer Kerry Decker connects the Gospel to lifestyle issues in this video. Keep one on hand.
Pepper Tree Village
Where Charles and Lois Dailey live with 79 other households.
Charles Dailey's notes on Philippians and links to the work of others.
Photo Menu
If you just want to see pictures today, this menu is for you.
Pioneer Churches in the Northwest *
Charles Dailey has researched Northwest congregations that started between 1846 and 1900. Learn what these hardy preachers of yesteryear stood for. If you print this, expect more than 140 pages and 100 photographs. This can also be taken as a college credit class.
Learn what these hardy preachers of yesteryear stood for. This is an index of personal names that lead to their stories.
The Preacher's Study *
This wonderful resource is the work of our friend and web-site heir Dave Redick. Dave is becoming the preacher's preacher.
Print-it-yourself Literature
Tracts, workbooks and more. All you need is a printer and paper.
Privately Published Items
Many fine Christian books and other items are published just among friends. The world is deprived of the work because the writer does not have any channels for distributing the item beyond those who know him or her personally. This page is dedicated to getting producer and researcher together.
Religions Menu
Reyman family

Lois at age 15 holding her nephew.

Family snapshot in 1948.

Photo of senior member's in 1949.

Eva Reyman with her daughters Cordie and Lois.

Paul and Karen, hardworking servants of God in Africa.

Rodney Reyman's article on Gambling.

Spanish Menu
More than 20 articles written orginally in Spanish including a lesson series on the home. Pick something for a Spanish friend from this bilingual menu.
Speaking in Tongues
Is today's speaking in tongues like that of the 1st century? We say no and here is why.
Spirit Menu
Sunday / Sabbath Questions
This page demonstrates that the early church quickly transitioned to Sunday as their primary meeting day and totally rejected Sabbath keeping.
Washington's Pioneer Churches*
Henry Jackson began the first congregation at Castle Rock.

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