Sunday, March 22, 2009

More Frosting

A day or so after Dave Redick left this note (copied from below) he moved on to Glory.

While I did not benefit directly from training at NCB as a student, I am greatful to you, Charles, and your dear wife, Lois, for your years of training others and the fact that, ever since I drew my first breath of born again air, you've been there as a solid figure in the distance. I always looked up to you. Your Scripture Supply House kept me well materialed with tapes and lessons that were suitable as Kathi and I reoriented our lives toward the kingdom. I am so glad you made that decision years ago to train other. You await a rich reward, brother.

Dave Redick

Dave was a great person and a great friend. Lois and I spoke at length with a very bright and alert Dave on Thursday evening. Our special sympathies to Kathi.


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