Thursday, April 09, 2009

Healed Again

My aneurysm is gone. It was behind my eye.

Four months ago, my optometrist sent me to a doctor specializing in diseases of the eye. He found my field of vision was below normal and that I had an aneurysm (balloon-like expansion) behind one eye. He asked me to return later so he could monitor its progress. When it broke, I would lose vision in that eye.

During today’s visit, my field of vision was back in the normal range. But he was puzzled that he could not locate the aneurysm. He showed me the November X-ray with the bulge and today’s where the same blood veins were quite normal. I told him that I would thank my boss.

On the previous visit, I had told the Dr. about recovering from macular degeneration. He dismissed this entirely. One doesn’t recover from that disorder. Now he has a story that he can’t deny because he provided all of the evidence.

How we thank the Lord for his graciousness, even in these throwaway bodies that are a template for our eternal ones.


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