Friday, May 01, 2009

Caring for the Brain

After a visit to the lab at the clinic, I received a 3-page print out of the chemistry of my body. When an element was out of range, either too high or too low, the entry was printed in bold letters. The marvels of science!

As Christians, we are also concerned about our minds, avoiding the kind of mental junk food that society labels as entertainment. Jesus and His apostles had much to say about feeding the spirit of man.

But the mind relies on the facilities of the brain. Our love for God can only be expressed based on our memory of Him and His great works as seen throughout the universe.

Unlike our computers, our brain loses memory power. It declines with age. In our younger days, there was an over-abundance of memory, but time takes its toll. Now we may enter a room and forget our purpose, mislay our car keys or tell the same story twice to the same person - even within a few minutes.

Is there a solution? Yes, at least a partial one that delays or reverses the memory loss. The food we eat - or don’t eat is important. Minimizing the wrong foods and being sure that we get the right foods helps. Exercise, both physical and mental, contributes to better memory and there are supplements that help slow the brain’s downhill slide.

One friend complained about his increasing difficulty in remembering. I told him about ginkgo biloba, a supplement used almost world-wide to help in memory loss. He thanked me and did nothing about it. Today his memory loss is so pronounced that he cannot be employed and lives in retirement. While some studies say this supplement does not slow the onset of dementia, the studies are not negative about memory enhancement. Ginkgo may have help this man be productive a few more years.

New research is being done in the area of brain enhancement. The book 20/20 Brain Power by Joshua Reynolds spans the gap between technical studies and our layperson vocabularies. It is sold at:

There was something else that I wanted to include in this blog. Maybe it will come to me later.


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