Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Out of a Curse Came a Blessing

This weekend, I was cursed by the Vundo Trojan. My computer became unmanageable. My virus alarm was going off every 5-10 seconds. Advertising was popping up every few moments. To cure the devilish malady, I hired an online company to clean the machine and they did a wonderful job. Their address is: http://www.onlinecomputerrepair.org/ and Ryan Olson was the tech.

Ryan removed at least 150 files that had come to visit and decided to stay. During my research to get rid of this Devil-inspired disease, I came across OpenDNS. Such a blessing for anyone who takes the few moments to get engaged.

Every time a computer user types a website name in the address bar, the browser goes to the Domain Name Server (DNS) assigned by his hosting company. This is standard the world over. Everybody with a website name is listed and some are MALICIOUS. One somewhere distributes Vundo.

OpenDNS keeps a list of malicious sites and keeps the user from going there. If one of these Satanically-inspired nasties gets on the computer and calls home for its friends to come too (hence the Trojan idea), the nasty can’t reach home and so is rendered useless. Had I been using this service, my hateable trojan could not have done its hellish work.

Further, now I can block all categories of unlovables. The site offers five general levels of protection and each one of these can be customized for the computer-user’s taste. Sites that can be blocked include those adult-related, porn sites and phishing sites. There are dozens of categories. Each user can set up a list to always allow or never allow in addition to the categories. This gives parents a way to control what their children view. It gives the library or school supervision they did not have before.

All of this is free of cost and the change is permanent, but reversible. The OpenDNS site explains how to point your DNS requests to their computers. Visit them at: OpenDNS.com.

Yesterday, the site had over eleven billion hits, so it’s not just my notion.


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