Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Won By a Child’s Love

Abortion protesters showed up when President Obama spoke at Notre Dame. Among them was Norma Covey, the one-time poster child of the abortion movement. Some reports say she was arrested, other reports deny it. Norma was the Roe in Wade vs. Roe.

But in 1995 Norma changed sides. Emily Mackay, then 7 years old, befriended this pro-abortion person, asking questions that were very hard to answer. One was something like, "If you love children, then why do you let them kill babies at the (abortion) clinic?"

Eventually, Norma attended church and accepted Christ as her savior. It was not the solid logic of the Christian position, but rather the little girl who loved Norma and penetrated her heart that brought about the change of direction.

Norma Covey was then baptized by Flip Benham, the leader of “the other side.” Over the years, she has used her life to undo some of the damage caused by her original stance on abortion - something she never experienced for herself.

Clearly, it may be love more than logic that turns a life around.


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