Thursday, August 10, 2006

Veteran Preacher Down

Rodney Reyman is in the hospital. He has been having pain in one knee for several years and his heart doctor had advised against an artificial knee. He heard of injections that could ease the pain and so went for the first of six at a clinic. The shot was administered on Thursday and by Saturday morning, he had to go to the ER for pain. They gave his some pills and sent him home.

Sunday morning he went back the ER and has been in the hospital every since. He has staph infection in the knee. He had two surgeries to clear up the infection plus huge doses of antibiotic. The drug for staph is adversely effecting other organs. He had a heart flare up. Kidneys have been involved. He has a swollen prostate that is the most painful of the problems.

Today he is very weak, but can talk on the phone. He hopes to get out soon, but must return every day for a month for more antibiotics. The hospital stay is more than two weeks now.