Sunday, June 21, 2009

Can't Get Over It.

My childhood home was a city block off of the old stagecoach route from Sacramento to Stockton, California. There weren’t any stagecoaches in my time, but there were still a few horse-drawn conveyances.

I walked to school each day (.7 mile) and soon learned that glasses were required in order to read or do just about anything. I began using them and kept on wearing them for the next 70 years. Indeed, I was totally dependent on glasses. It was not possible to do anything without them except sleep.

Then in 2008, I had a new-fangled surgery that made glasses unnecessary. My new vision allows me to drive without them. The remaining problem is to convince by subconscious self that I can actually see.

When it’s time to go out of our home, I feel sure that I need my glasses. It is necessary to operate my brain manually and tell myself, YOU CAN SEE. Forget about glasses!

Years back, I read of doctors who did cosmetic enhancement surgery. After healing, patients would return and claim they looked just the same as before surgery. They didn’t, but felt they did. Now I understand what was going on. When we are convinced that something is true, it’s very hard for reality to penetrate the years of mental scar tissue and to enjoy our new condition. But I really do when I think about it.

Now where did I lay my glasses?