Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Frosting on the Cake

When our new-born son died in 1952, I told the Lord that I would like to spend my life training other people’s sons to spread the gospel. Three years later, I was added to the faculty of Northwest College of the Bible (Then called Churches of Christ School of Evangelists) in Portland, Oregon. That arrangement has continued over the span of my years.

Among my many, many students has been our son-in-law Dave Kubow and then his son, Tim. Tim is still taking classes online from his grandfather.

Labor Day weekend, Lois and I went to Deer Park, Washington to participate in the ordination of Tim to the ministry. He has begun working as a staff member of Christ’s Church of Deer Park.

When I thought back to that graveside of 55 years ago, I shed a few tears and had an exceptional glimpse of how the Lord works in our lives.