Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dave Redick's Letter

We have an in-house publication at the Minnehaha Church most weeks. The following article appeared one week before Dave died. We have removed the parts that are no longer relevant:

Preacher Dave Redick’s letter is a classic on how a Christian could look at health concerns:

As I have stated before, I am fully confident in our God and trust Him to do whatever is right for me and His kingdom in this matter. I would love to be able to continue serving Him here for awhile longer (at 58 I might have a few more years under different circumstances.)

It is, however, entirely in His eternally competent and loving hands. If surgery goes well, the plan is now to start me on what they call "targeted therapy" unique to kidney cancer (yes, the cancer in my lungs and brain is kidney cancer) within four weeks of the surgery. From human perspective, these treatments are not curative. There is currently no reliable cure for kidney cancer. However, these drugs have been shown to slow and even reverse tumor growth for a time. A few people around the country are still living after the first approval and use of these drugs five or so years ago. Ah, human hope. It's nice, but my hope is in the Lord!

Please pray for me as God has given us permission to ask Him when we are in need. Pray also that I might be able to return to the pulpit. There are few things I love better than preaching His word and telling of the marvelous nature of our loving God.
Thank you and God bless you.
Dave Redick

God chose to spare Dave the "targeted therapy." Looking at the long view, we are glad. Looking at the short view, we are sad, along with hundreds of others.

More Frosting

A day or so after Dave Redick left this note (copied from below) he moved on to Glory.

While I did not benefit directly from training at NCB as a student, I am greatful to you, Charles, and your dear wife, Lois, for your years of training others and the fact that, ever since I drew my first breath of born again air, you've been there as a solid figure in the distance. I always looked up to you. Your Scripture Supply House kept me well materialed with tapes and lessons that were suitable as Kathi and I reoriented our lives toward the kingdom. I am so glad you made that decision years ago to train other. You await a rich reward, brother.

Dave Redick

Dave was a great person and a great friend. Lois and I spoke at length with a very bright and alert Dave on Thursday evening. Our special sympathies to Kathi.